Sustainable Maya

At Maya Resorts we are committed to green hotel policies and the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment for future generations.

Awards - Maya Ubud

  • Tripadvisor 2023 Travelers' Choice Awards
  • Agoda 2023 Customer Review Awards - 9.1/10
  • Agoda 2023 Gold Circle Awards
  • 2021 Loved By Guests Awards
  • 2021 Traveller Review Awards - 9.3/10
  • Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy of Indonesia - CHSE Certification

Awards - Maya Sanur

  • 2024 Traveler Review Awards - 8.7/10
  • Agoda 2023 Gold Circle Awards
  • 2021 Loved By Guest Awards - 9.2/10
  • 2021 Traveler Review Awards
  • 2020 Loved By Guests Awards
  • Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy of Indonesia - CHSE Certification
Sustainable Maya

Since inception in 2001, Maya Resorts has been incorporating sustainable tourism principles and practices into its operation. We continuously strive to refine our level of understanding of sustainability and periodically take time to review our sustainable practices in order to expand these practices and implement improvements wherever possible.

We aim to move towards sustainability where all concerns need to be integrated into a business strategy that leads the resort to be more resilient, pro-active to future challenges and opportunities. Maya Resorts' sustainable management plan ensures long term profitability for the hotel, which will benefit its owners, its employees, its neighbours and most importantly the environment.

As a socially responsible resort, Maya establishes core values of driving sustainable development. Our four key elements are environment, socio-cultural, quality and health & safety. The following are some highlights of our actions throughout all four elements.

Environmental Best Practices
  • Recycling waste water
  • Bio-degradable products and cleaning supplies
  • Use of energy efficient light source – LED, since 2010
  • Elimination of plastic and garbage separation
  • Environmentally friendly pest control
  • More than 30% of our employees is from neighboring villages
  • Support a number of orphanages and foundations in Bali
  • Offering packaged journey for guests that includes visiting temples and traditional houses
  • Support communities cultural, sport and recreational events
  • Promote and assist local artist by exhibiting and sell their masterpiece at Maya Art Lounge
  • Sustain economically through competitive advantages contributing to the economic well-being of the surrounding
  • Healthy business ethics among staff, management and business contacts
  • Ultimate atmosphere for relaxation, refreshment and renewal
Health and Safety
  • Maya complies with all established health and safety regulations
  • Ensures guest and staff protection
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) common practice by F&B Department
Maya Ubud Sustainability Key Factors
  1. Built on a non-productive land, no rice fields have been taken to make clear for the resorts' grounds.
  2. The major use of local material throughout the resort which was also an effect from the monetary crisis in the late 90s. Local resources and recyclable goods was used therefore the resort was built and furnished with a low carbon footprint.
  3. From an exterior perspective, alang-alang thatched roof, paras batu palimanan cement tile, bamboo and many recycled timbers - material which are sustainable & renewable.
  4. Villa furnishings includes the use of recycled goods such as rice plow converted into bed & sofas, recycled chairs from tobacco factory worker were transformed into desk mirror, basket for tea pickers made into side table lamp covers, and tables are made from railway leftovers.
  5. Sewage treatment plant and proper waste management, Maya Ubud were amongst the first to implement in the late 90s, not many hotels were doing it back in the days.
Maya Ubud Sustainability Key Efforts
Maya Sanur Sustainability Key Factors
  1. All materials are sourced from around Bali and others islands throughout Indonesia.
  2. Green roof concept to keep the overall building cool therefore minimize cooling operations. Roof of the resort is covered with plants, flowers, and grass.
  3. Recycled woods such as unused railways, ulin woods from old electricity pole, rice plow all to minimize forest logging.
  4. Optimizing - upcycling the use of sand, those dug out to create space for the basement area is then used in the concrete mixture for the resort's construction.
  5. Water recycling system that recycles 80% of the water used, and zero pollution or waste is dispatch to the ocean
Maya Sanur Sustainability Key Efforts