Home Decorating Ideas for a Warm Christmas


Christmas is all about celebrating love and life.  

It is about having your family close to you and enjoy time together, creating new memories and reminiscing old ones.

The setting you want to create to enhance these moments of joy, love and tranquil bonding depends on your aesthetics, style and trends in decorating that appeal to you.  

I have settled for a warm palette of pastels, dust pink, beige, white and gold being dominant - adding a soft but immensely powerful festive feel. 



For a cozy setting you need lots of fluffy pillows and chunky knit blankets on your sofa, a coffee table filled with lots of homemade cookies and mugs filled with rich marshmallowed hot chocolate, a shiny Christmas tree with presents for your dearests, stockings hung onto your mantelpiece and candles or Christmas lights all around the room to enhance the festive scene and make it merrier and warmer. 


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Unique & Unusual: Dressmaker's Dummy Into a Christmas Tree



I am always impressed with wonderful ideas creative and talented people share. Every Christmas, our all-time favourite cafe impressively dresses their Christmas tree and it wouldn't be anything unusual if the tree wasn't a dressmaker's dummy. 

Quite taken by it, I explored the internet to see if / what others have done and I am bedazzled with  my search.

{All images were taken from pinterest using the Dressmaker's Dummy Christmas Tree}. 














Nature Inspired Fall Decor


Although nature prepares itself for a long wintery sleep, still it is so rich and abundant in fruits you can use to uniquely decorate your home for fall. The range is wide and colorful. 


Regardless the shape and structure they come in, they are the perfect eye-catch. The best thing - you can eat them in the end. Unless they are velvet. 



Chestnuts & Leaves

Chestnuts are a real gift. You can put wild chestnuts in your closet to prevent moths and they are known for repelling spiders and many other insects. Once nice idea I picked from the internet is doodling on them with a white marker to turn them into a unique, rustic decor. 





Acorns & Pinecones 

Via                                                                                   Via      


It is amazing what one can make with these. Whether used as are or  with a little splash of color added - they are certainly going to bring a special autumnal feel to your home.





Sock It Up!






When autumnal nights bring a gentle chill, it is time to get creative in styling a warm and layered look. Cue socks and tights! The wonderful world of hosiery offers a wide variety for every style: chunky knit socks - those you can wear with  different kind of boots and shoes, delicate and soft ones over leggings or tights, then  long-over the knees ones as a striking and effective segment to a short skirt or dress.

If you are a tights person, well the designers have gone beyond any possible imagination in creating the most fascinating pieces, from posh to fairy-tales inspired!





Crochet Trends I Am Inspired to Try



This year has been quite an avant-garde in terms of crochet trends in clothing.  And they could not be more awe-inspiring and mind boggling. Starting from creating real crochet weavings, textile pieces insertion, adding tassels and loops,  to mixing and matching stitches and yarns. 

What I am impressed most and would love to try and incorporate in my work is the mixture of different patterns so as to create different textures and I must admit making small  weavings also seems to be an interesting and tempting choice. 






All the images are taken from Pinterest via the crochet trend search.

Summer is Here!



The sole word "summer" rings with freshness and shining splendour. It smells of honeysuckles, watermelons  and the sea.

As a season filled with amazing sunrises and magical sunsets, splashes of colors and wafts of magical scents, it is going to be loved and caressed with long flowing dresses and skirts, embroidered blouses, crochet crop tops adorned with gorgeous straw hats and bags and unique statement jewelry. 

What is your summer like? 




All relevant credits  of these images  on my pinterest.

Make a Bohemian Home on a Budget



If you want to turn your home a cozy bohemian haven infused with life and color, you don't need to break the budget. You need a lot of creativity and a good run for your fantasy and imagination. The bohemian aesthetic embraces the relaxed, carefree and adventurous spirit which you can introduce by adding simple touches to your home. 

When it comes to colors there are no rules. Work with colors and patterns that would be interesting accents and details, ones that would bring freshness and interest in the room. Think of rugs with oriental feel, wicker baskets and raggedy faux fur covers and woven throws.


Decorative pillows give a nice boho feel and warmth to a room. 


Find a vintage dresser and give it a facelift.  

 Love your walls. Give them baskets, floral wreaths and eye-catching hangings.



Find good plain pottery and doodle and draw to your heart's content to give your kitchen a unique touch. 

 Add lots of house plants and flowers to top everything off. 

The difference you will make with these simple touches would be amazing!



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Spring -up Your Closet



Have you purged your closet yet? 

With the temps rising up, this is the time to take all the spring clothes out and do a little capsule downsizing. 

To be honest, I am not a fervent fashionista, but I do want to know what is trendy in fashion and if I like something particular that truly fits my style and I would be able to combine it with many pieces and actually use it for several years, then I include it into my capsule. 

As a crochet designer, my first pick would be the crocheted tops and sweaters. One can never go wrong with these - they are perfect with plain skirts, trousers and jeans. 


 Place Nationale


Trends are tilting towards a slightly boyish styles, shouting shorts at the top of the lungs, and not any kind of shorts mind you - they are called sensible shorts. Knee length and formal looking. If you are a shorts person, do let them into your wardrobe. 

Then there are the rushes and the ruffles accompanied with bows, and personally, I am quite attached to ruffles because I love the feminine touch and flow they give to fabric. So a ruffled dress or a shirt would be the right thing. 



As far as colors are concerned, beside coral as the Pantone's color of the year, beige and other earthen colors are going to mark this spring. Think of trousers and skirts in these colors that will transition well into summer.   





What's the most important thing you should always keep in mind while re-arranging, de-stashing and purging your closet? A cohesive and practical wardrobe that reflects your personal, unique style.  

Crochet Bridal Bouquets


Images Via


The finishing touch to a bride's wedding day look is the bridal bouquet. Flowers give an enchanting visual and romantic effect to the bridal outfit and enhance the whole appearance of the bride. 

The story of the bridal bouquet is centuries old. In ancient Rome, brides carried or wore flower garlands or headbands, believing that flowers signify new beginnings, fidelity and hope of fertility. In the Middle Ages, brides wore strong smelling herbs and spices wanting to ward off and drive away evil spirits and bad luck. But the Victorians were the ones to introduce the flower bouquets that became a complementing part to the wedding outfit and that has continued until today.

Today brides choose flowers that express their personal style, taste and personality. They come in an extreme variety - starting from the traditional real flower bouquet to bouquets made of paper, fabric or jewelry pieces.

In this post I want to emphasize the beauty of crocheted flower bouquets.

By using different flower patterns and adding some  fabric flowers and lace, brides can make a unique keepsake without burdening the bugdet. 

Via Pinterest


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 Sources used for this post: Pinterest & Modern Wedding

New Mori Inspired Collection


The Mori girl fashion style strikes a wonderful chord that resonates for long and I cannnot help myself but return to it; sometimes more often than other times. For with me, it is not just a whim or a new trend one wants to unconditionally follow. It is style. Style I gladly succumb to. 


For this particular collection I made winter pieces that would make any gloom day brighter and give a joyful quality to the winter quetude. The collection is comprised of crochet scarves, capes and capelets, fingerless warmers and head scarves. Accompanied with pom-pom  rings, textile brooches and whimsical necklaces. Pieces would be added gradually  December through January, so do check back. 





Bohemian Fall Clothes Inspiration


I love when fall inspires designs and colors and reflects its rich palette on clothes.

Personally, I find this year's color trends vivid, appealing and refreshing, while the designs, especially the floral ones, alluring with a pinch of vintage.


The bohemian in me loves the textures and the layering;  lace insets and ruffles along with tassels and fringes enhance the visual effect and give an incredible volume, structure and captivating appearance to any piece of clothing, regardless whether it is a jacket, a skirt or a dress.


Enjoy my selection. For more visual inspiration on the topic, check out my bohemian fall board.






Fall Decorating Ideas


 Via Lolly Jane

Fall has a stunning palette of rich colors that give another dimension to home decorating reflecting all the beauty fall comes with. This year, the most popular décor in the online world has been the velvet pumpkins and they do give richness to the whole look.

Enjoy the selection and be inspired!



Via Jordecor

Via Lauren MacBride

Via Designthusiasm

Via Clean & Scentsible


Autumnal Color Trends



This coming fall and winter's palette shies away from antiquated choices and offers some surprising and  non-traditional color combinations. Although the foundation Pantone built it's palette on rests on very traditional autumnal choices such as russet brown and rich burgundy, they spiced it up with electric blue and pungent yellow. 


And truth be told, the designers couldn't have expressed themselves better following these pointers.

 Maison Rabih Kayrouz – Lanvin – Lanvin – Oscar de la Renta


Botega Veneta - Roksanda


Roksanda – Tibi – Maison Rabih Kayrouz – Tadashi Shoji


Our designers are on the same lines:

1. Bib Necklace & Cuff        2. Freed       3. Leather Brass Orange Cuff     4. Copper & Brass Earrings



1. Boho Scarf       2.  Moonlight Passion    3. A Sky Full of Stars


1. Vinyl Record Art          2. Autumnal Rhapsody        3. Plush Kitten  

DIY Boho Rag Necklace


Supplies and Step 1:

1) For this project you need anamount of different fabric strips about 7-10 cm in length. I recommend you use tulle, sateen and organza for a more luxurious look.

2) A big chain because you are going to insert the strips through it.

3) Pearl beads and jump rings - the amount depends on your design. For reference, I used  about 18 beads.

4) Not shown but necessary - a lobster clasp (optional: big jump rings), a hook or a tapestry needle.



When you have all strips cut out, singe them to stop fraying.

Next, positioning at the center and using a tapestry needle / hook, pull a strip through a chain and tie a knot. Tie another one in the next or the chain after that. From the center, work your way to the sides.



When all the strips are tied and you are satisfied with the fullness of the necklace, add the pearls. On a small jump ring I attached 3 different colored pearls and attached that jump ring onto the main chain (and between the strips). Added sets of such at the sides just a little above where the strips ended.

Finally, I added a couple of big jump rings to the chain, attached the clasp and the necklace is done!