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Unique Teapot Art

New Year's Day is fast approaching and although tea might not be the universally preferred drink of the day, or more specifically, the night, it is favoured in a temple in Kyoto and served at an event called "Oubukucha" held on New Year's Day. At the temple, tea is served to people with pickled ume and cooked kelp inside the cups. It is said if people drink Obukucha on the first day of the new year, they will have good health all through the year. 

Drink tea and be healthy!


Teapot Art by E&S Tocinovski

Editor's Picks: Unique Handmade Gifts

Gypsy Earrings


White Bridal Bib Necklace



Fine Filigree Cross Pendant


Wooden Coasters



Cookie Plate


We wish you a warm and joyful Christmas !

Editor's Picks: Black & White Edition

Our latest picks focus on a black and white palette: classic and festive.

White Felted Scarf


Rose Quartz Haircomb


 Wrap up jacket

Decoupage Box

Art Fantasy Jewelry Interview



Nadica Zlatkova creates unique copper jewelry behind the brand Art Fantasy Jewelry. She is a wife and a mother to precious Lea and Kaya that are her everlasting inspiration and encouragment to pursue her career in jewelry design. Art has been a constant throughout her life. She has a degree in graphic  design from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje; she loves to travel and explore the world.


Your shop is called Art Fantasy Jewelry. Is there a story  associated with the name?

The shop carries the name of of my first collection exhibition at the Lee Cafe in 2010. Since the first shop I had opened on Etsy was immediately after that exhibition, that name was most appropriate and it continued to be my trademark.


Your unique, asymetrical jewelry often includes natural materials. What materials do you employ the most and find subject to experiments?

I want to experiment with different materials because each gives new possibilities to express myself. I adore minerals, copper, brass, wood and lately I have been excessively using and falling in love in leather.


What is the process of creating a unique piece and what part of that process is the one you enjoy the most?

The process starts with a sketch that is transferred onto the material. In most cases, the sketch changes and transforms during the process of creation, finding its true form at the exact moment of creating, because the process alone is inspirational to me.




Where does inspiration come from?

The materials I use to make the jewelry, the shape, texture and color they offer provoke inspiration and the urge to create.


Is there a special place where you like to work and create?

My favourite place is my tiny studio at home. Because of the number of tools and the space I need to work, there is no possibility for me to work in different places.


Is there a technique or other skills you'd like to try your hand at?

Of course. There are lots of jewelry making techniques I'd like to try. At the time being I am focused on the ones I explore right now; it is a kind of a cycle. I don't start a new one until I have explored it to the maximum.

Your plans for the future?

More work, exploration and mastering recent processes.




Art Fantasy Jewelry Shop

Editor's Picks: Unique Christmas Gifts 1


We made a selection of unique Christmas gifts  for your loved ones to make the upcoming Christmas merrier and more beautiful.

1. A Frida Kahlo inspired wooden necklace by Sofija Filigranska

2. A mini contemporary Nature Painting by E&S Tocinovski

3. Polymer Home Necklace by Farina's Handmade

4. A Ceramic Tea Pot by Tinoski


Shop other gifts here.



Recycled Jeans from Magda


Magda's designer - Magdalena Tanevska participated the latest BAFE event that took place 2 weeks ago in Belgrade.

In retrospect, how do you feel about BAFE?

It was fantastic being able to present my new collection "Recycled Jeans" in front of the public in Belgrade. It was a new and quite overwhelming experience for me. A kind of experience that leaves a great imprint and impact on designers and serves as a motivating drive for future engagements.



How many pieces are there in the collection and how long did it take you to complete it?

My collection is composed of 10 pieces - mostly dresses and skirts - some accompanied with tops, then there are jackets and overcoats.


What piece of the collection took the most of your time to be made and which one posed a challenge?

 It was a challenge to work on each piece because I employed the patchwork technique to make the fabric. Although the making process might seem short, it took me a long time to collect the denim. We are talking recycled denim here from already used pairs of jeans. First I took the jeans apart and used the pieces to create new fabric from which afterwards I tailored all the pieces of my collection. If I have to pinpoint a challenging one  - that would definitely be the overcoat because it took me a tremendous amount of time to make it.  



What accessories did you include with your collection and what inspired you to make them?

I used traditional male hats from the Balkan region.My inspiration was feminism and freedom and I wanted to emphasize the power women should be assigned with in our society. 

Check out her shop!

Balkan Art Fashion Event’s (BAFE) purpose is to introduce new generation of young creators from Serbia and the neighboring region to the wider public. BAFE is dedicated to help the development of those creators that do not perceive fashion and clothing as just one of the branches of the industry, but as a kind of an artistic performance that takes place both on the catwalk and out on the streets.

Studio Peek - Kreacija


Hello and welcome to our first post of studio peeks!

Our designers have some mind-blowing studios and we want to let you have a peek and see where they create their gorgeous and imaginative creations!

When we first entered the studio of Kreacija's designer Nadica Biceva, we felt as entering a wonderland!
Her studio / shop breathes with creativity and imaginative solutions in every single corner. Everything inside was thoughtfully and ingeniously styled and had its purpose.

We were greeted by an old suitcase transformed into a small chair (what a delight!) and a table made of wooden hangers!


Two folding chairs are used for hanging and showing necklaces, scarves and ties.

In the main corner there was her majesty - an old wooden cutlery cabinet transformed into a jewelry display cabinet!

The chairs with the exhibited scarves and textile jewelry compose a natural transition  and a kind of paravan for the working part of the studio where Nadica has her working table with the sewing machines and other haberdashery.

Take a peek into her amazing shop to see the incredible textile and leatherette jewelry she creates.





An Interview with Ani Jewelry Designs

Her first public appearance was at the Skopje Fashion Week in 2014, followed closely by the Belgrade Fashion Show partnering with the renowned  fashion designer Sekirarski

Let's find out more about the designer behind the bead masterpieces!



1.Tell us a bit about yourself – who is Anita privately and professionally?

Anita is a curious and a creative person that has a degree in Philosophy. At the time I was doing a research for my thesis I developed another interest which I’ve gotten to love more. I use my time exploring, creating and being practical.


2. What kind of jewelry does your brand include?

It includes mostly bib necklaces - they require more space and dedication of time and creativity. It also includes bracelets, earrings, brooches and appliques.



3. Your beaded necklaces are bewitchingly seducing, beautiful pieces of art. How did your love story with the beads happen?

I was working on my master degree on Aesthetic Values in Art and Beauty, and while exploring many arts I discovered the bead embroidery art… I was amazed… and after I graduated I made my first bead embroidery work. It was love at first beading!


4. What motifs appear the most in your designs, especially the beaded necklaces? Can you please share the process of creating one?

I think that the motifs I use the most are African, Native American, Nature and Nebula inspired. The beginning of the process is an idea inspired by something beautiful, then I make a drawing. I use felt or eco leather to make the back of the necklace and then I take a palette with beads as the artist would take colors and the needle becomes my painting brush.


5. Can you describe an ordinary day working on your jewelry?

An ordinary day working on my jewelry is a day when I wake up enthusiastically. I am impatient to get something done, when I have an idea. Some of my designs take more time than anyone can imagine. For example, I had an Egyptian Scarab necklace that took me 26 days sewing it. Sometimes I almost don’t sleep until I see the finished product. And when I made my first big designs I always set the alarm for the next morning to see if I had really done it. It’s a pure joy of creating. And to be more precise about the answer, I sew from morning until the other morning and I make exercise breaks to relax my back and arm. I really do enjoy the process. And in the background I always have some documentary movie or music to make myself a beautiful and a creative atmosphere.


6.What part of the process is the most enjoyable?

Is there a particular place where you like to work? Well, there are 3 stages of that process that make me happy. A new idea, the process of creating and fulfilling the idea and to witness when the customer’s eyes shine brighter than before. I love working at home in my room. It’s the most inspirational and peaceful place for me and it gives me freedom to make a total creative chaos.


7. Your plans for the future?

Having a creative store. That was my long time plan for the future. And now I think I live the future. But the next level is more success, more exposure, more joy and benefits for the time and love I invest in this art and business.



To see more of her breath-taking necklaces, visit her shop here.


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Welcome to The Little Treasures!


Welcome to The Little Treasures!

We are proud to present and introduce our small, carefully selected community of artists, craftsmen and designers. The Little Treasures was born with the desire to beautify the world and enrich it. We are dedicated to creating unique and enchanting heirloom pieces that will be loved and treasured for years to come.

Our products are infused with passion and lovingly made with full attention to details and show the incredible creativity, talent and inspiration of our designers.

We hope to create a unique and pleasurable shopping experience for you!