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DIY Seed Bead Rings


Girls, get your beads and let's make some bling rings. This project can be done in 10 minutes, and the rings you are going to make will surely freshen up your summer and become your preferable summer jewelry.
What you need:
1. Ring Trays
2. Colorful seed beads (different sizes and colors)
3. Silicon glue


Put silicon glue onto the tray and pour beads over it. The tray will not be covered instantly, so fill the empty spaces between beads and if you don't want the holes to stick up, use a needle to push them back and lay them properly onto the tray (see last two images to spot the difference). Let them set in and air dry.
Once over, I added a layer of transparent nail polish to make them even shinier.


Mandala Pendant DIY




The surge in popularity of mandalas, both in creating them and coloring these enchanting circles is not quieting down.

Mandala, which is a Sanskrit word for a "sacred circle" has taken over the world of crafters and you can find them made in a wide variety of materials.

Today, Classy Clay Jewelry artist is going to show us how to make a clay pendant mandala. So without further ado, follow her tutorial to make one.

Drawing is relaxing and unwinding. Have you heard of mandalas? I adore them. With this tutorial I have combined my favourite life areas - drawing, polymer clay work and psychology.

Jung studied mandalas and according to him they portray the psychical balance of an individual. The drawing of a mandala is a deep meditative practice.

Today we are going to make a clay mandala.


Supplies you need:

1. Polymer clay (Fimo soft)

2. Liquid polymer clay - Liquid Fimo

3. Alcohol ink (Adirondack Alcohol Ink) or an alcohol pen(Spectrum noir) 

4. Polymer clay knife 

5. Clay silk screen kit by Sculpey

6. Pasta machine


Step 1:

Take the white polymer clay, work it well and slide it through the pasta machine to get the desired thickness. If you don't have a pasta machine, use a metal or glass clay roller.




Step 2:

Take the Sculpey Clay silk screen kit.

- Choose the silk screen pattern and metallic paint for your project. Shake paint well before use.

- Remove the backing paper from silk screen and position the screen shiny side down on top of the sheet of clay, smoothing the screen down with your fingers to eliminate any wrinkles. 

-Squeeze a line of paint above your pattern. Place the squeegee above the line of paint and pull down with light and even pressure. Do  this until the entire design is covered with paint.

-While paint is still wet, carefully remove the silk screen and immediately place the silk screen and squeegee in warm water. Gently rub the paint off using your finger and lay screen flat on a paper towel to dry.  Do not allow paint to dry on the screen.



Step 3:

Shape the pendant with a polymer clay knife. The next phase is baking at 110° C for 30 minutes. The fun begins when it cools down.


Step 4:

Coloring. You can use an alcohol ink or permanent markers. Work on the color design of your mandala. Wait patiently for it to dry.



Work on the back. Add a ring at a back orif you decide on making this a brooch, then add a brooch pin. Bake again at 110° C for 30 minutes.


Step 5:

Coat it with fimo polish or epoxy resin. Of course you can always leave the matte finish as well.

In the end, the pendant will capture and represent a constant remainder of your mood that day!




Classy Clay Jewelry for Your Body and Soul




Meet a designer who masterfully changes clay into amazing jewelry designs. Dear readers, meet Classy Clay Jewelry!


Boho Necklace                      Boho Earrings


1. Tell us a bit about  Classy Clay Jewelry? What  is the story behind your jewelry?

 I have always loved jewelry. When I was a child, my mother and aunt used to buy a lot of jewelry for me. As a teenager, I bought it myself. And I always had ideas swarming up, of jewelry I wished I had, so once I had a jewelry shop make a set of jewelry according to my design. When I came upon a piece of polymer clay jewelry on the internet, I knew that was the right thing for me. And that's how it all started.


2. What was your start like?  How long have you been making  jewelry?

I spent hours upon hours watching free tutorials on the internet. That is how I got acquainted with the basics and went head strong to create something new. That was 5 years ago.


3. What did you make first and how did it all change during the years?

 Creating my first pieces of jewelry I felt inner satisfaction that pulled me into further learning and creating and overcoming obstacles that I faced on the way.

I first made necklaces, which I personally love wearing, and little by little I introduced other pieces of jewelry.

 The materials I use have not changed a lot since the start. Of course I've made some additions, but the shape of my jewelry is completely different today than it was before. I tend to continuously change and improve the techniques I use, probably due to my exploring, adventurous and never-resting spirit.

4. What materials you use the most in creating your jewelry and what motifs do you turn to?Inspiration?

 In my work ,I mostly use polymer clay which is the foundation for everything and aside from that I also use epoxy resin.

In my polymer clay work I also use pigment colors, but let's keep that a secret.

 Then there are the finished elements like chains, various trays and settings. I love geometry, so it is a frequent design in my work. Because I love nature, it also influences my work. I love when I manage to gain a rustic effect when I work with earth colors. 


Boho Pendant

 Boho Pendant



5. Who is your jewelry intended for?

My jewelry is intended for women with attitude that love wearing something different, but pieces that are versatile so one can wear them during the day with a casual outfit, but also in the office.

 With this type of jewelry you'll be recognized as a person treasuring  handmade artwork.


Orange Art Earrings


Orange Art Earrings


Classy Clay Jewelry can be found here.



9 Fantastic DIY Summer Projects


Summer is just a step away and it is the perfect time to make something for your body and soul.

We chose 9 interesting and easy-to-do projects that you are going to enjoy like this gorgeous brass himmeli hanging where you can not only store your jewelry, but also flower pots and even make an interesting lamp covering with it. Beautify your sofa with stamped geometric pillows and lots of diamonds and give your skin some glam with these sense pleasing gemstone soaps.



If you are into boho ruffles - try making these these lovely pillows then.


Add some lovely fresh wall decor using roses  and if you want a more permanent installation you can try these bohemain hoops.



Finally, give a bling to your looks making these enticing bracelets and earrings.


 Get ready for summer in time and enjoy crafting!

Summer Fashion Trends: In & Out

According to the leading fashion editors, this summer would bring lots of refreshment on the fashion scene.

IN  and OUT

Khakis vs Skinny Jeans

Wave goodbye to your pair of skinny jeans because they are retiring this summer and khakis and chinos are taking over the fashion scene. Utility dressing is gaining a strong influence and the design of pants tends to be more wider and straighter.



Wrap Dress vs Slip Dress  


The slip dress had a long established rule and reigned for a couple of seasons to be slowly replaced by the wrap dress which is a nice shift towards effortless elegance. And it cannot be more versatile - whether you choose one for casual day at the office, a stroll in the park or as a beach cover-up, you are opting for the most desirable piece this summer.


Gingam Shirts vs Peasant Tops


ingham along with the stripes is the ultimate choice for shirts and it is pushing away peasant tops. I don't believe sworn boho enthusiasts will renounce them easily, but if you are into freshening your looks, gingham is the fabric you need. And it is nor restricted just for shirts.



DIY Hoop Beaded Earrings


Hello beautiful people!
I hope you are in a mood for some easy crafting today, because I have the perfect, the easiest and the cutest continuation of the beaded earrings project ready for you today.
Let's get busy.
For the Dangling chain earrings, you need:
1. Jump rings - {10 per earring}. Mine are 7mm/ 0.3" in diameter. 
2. Big colorful seed beads. 
3. Earring hooks.  
Add a bead on every second ring and make it as long as you'd like it to be. The ones in the picture are 6 cm/ 2.4" long. For a more appealing look you can add 2-3 such beaded chains in different lengths. Just saying.
Small Hoop Earrings
For these, you need big jump rings / connectors (1.5cm / 0.6") and beads in various shapes and sizes.


Just bead the design you come up with, add the hook and there you go. All done in a  couple of seconds.
Roll up your sleeves and start beading!
Summer Trend: Straw Bags




Straw bags! You've got to love them because their comeback is spectacular! They once modestly reigned the dusty corners of thrift shops, lying in piles forgotten by all, but managed to regain their rule and popularity out in the streets and now you can find them literally everywhere and in every imaginable shape. And they cannot be more beautiful.

Whether you are readying yourself  to do some shopping or arranging quick drinks with friends, the straw bag is your true companion. Small enough to contain the necessary things for a night out like a clutch or  one of those widely loved round bags, or big enough in the shape of a tote for a day at the beach. The choice is yours.