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Transitioning Summer into Fall Fashion

Via Fashion Tasty 

Summer is slowly transitioning into fall and fashion experts have been quick to offer useful advice on how to make this transition seamless, attractive and more importantly - wearable and comfortable.

Glamour, InStyle and More Fashion have compiled the most interesting pieces for transitional styling combinations.


1. Blazer to top it off

Put on a blazer or a jacket over summer dresses or strapless tops and trousers/jeans for a modern and stylish look.

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2. Extend shorts season


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You don't have to put away your favouite pair of shorts. You can extend their wear by putting on some tights under for the chilly mornings.


3.  Scarf it up


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 Scarf - the all time favourite accessory is the perfect thing to wrap it around and add a sophisticated glam to any outfit.


4. Don't kick off the sandals

Via LucLuc, TopJewelryPicks, BlogStyleEstate


Experts suggest you prolong summer shoes wearing season as long as it is practical and tasteful. Preserve the summer for a bit longer.


5. Layering is always in!


 Via Room Suggestion

The winning combination. Experiment with layering and don't be afraid to mix and match!

The First Signs



Fall is on its tiptoes, slowly, inevitably sneaking in. The first signs are here. It appears at night time only, but will spread its presence with each day more until it gets hold of nature under its reign.

Wire Wrap a Beach Stone Into a Pendant




This is an easy and fast tutorial to use beach stones and wire wrap them into an eye-catching pendant.



1. Beach stones

2. Memory wire

Pliers, cutters and clamps.




Make a spiral for the bottom 



Bring the wire upwards and make a spiral for the top



Now bend the wire downwards (1) and wrap it around the bottom spiral and take it up again from a different side (2), wrap once around the top spiral and bring down again (3) and up for the last time (behind stone) (4).  Cut wire leaving enough to make a loop for the chain.




Take the wire and slide it through the top spiral. Cut again leaving just a small portion for the loop.



Make a loop and with that - you are done.





I hope you enjoyed this!

TinoSki's New Mug Collection



Dreaming of You Mugs


TinoSki's new coffee mug collection is a true delight for the coffee lovers.
Uniquely designed and shaped, they are perfect to start your day with!

Each is OOAK bearing his signature drawings and use of colors.

The mugs are made out of Italian, high quality white clay that is close to porcelain in terms of durability.

Find them all here.


Lemon Love Mug

Watermelon Bite Mug

Looking Sharp Mug