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Beach Picnic Ideas


Via the College Housewife


Summers spent at the beach have a rejuvenating effect both on the body and the soul. The sun, the sea, the sand are all ingredients you mix to get a heavenly nourishing cocktail.


To make that even better is organizing a beach picnic.

Creating the setting, or the sitting if you like it, a simple but big beach towel will suffice with or without lots of pillows.




To make it a bit formal a wooden pallet or a piece of wooden plank or a wood board can come in handy.


Via Pinterest


Food as well as drinks for the beach picnic should be light and refreshing. Think of seasonal salads, lots of fruit and some snacks.

Via The College Housewife


Via Pinterest


To roundup a beach picnic, make a camp fire  and chat the night away with some crackers and an easy wine spritz or sweeten it with a roasted marshmallow.


 Via Carla Aaston


Via The Blond Abroad

Popular Swimsuits This Summer


Summer is in full swing and spending time near a body of water is everything we need to cool off.

Which brings us to swimsuits. This summer there is an eclectic offer. It encompasses a wide variety of different models for every body type.  

The trend that started last year is still reigning on: vintage inspired high waisted swimsuits adding up this year's fashion trend - the dots. Florals are also very popular, especially tropical flowers and leaves. Fashion editors also suggest monokinis - off shoulder suits and ruffled ones. 




Puzzle Necklaces by Peekaboo
I couldn't help but thought that this is one extraordinary idea when I saw Peekaboo's puzzle necklaces.
I asked her about the inspiration and idea behind these and this is what she said:
The internet has been an everlasting inspiration for everything - including my new jewelry pieces that come with their own case - puzzles. It resulted from the need to store my necklaces without fearing that the chains are going to get tangled or break.


Currently I am in a phase where I employ and use wood, which is easy to acquire it, immensely suitable for painting,  and shaping possibilities are endless. 
This puzzle case / holder is still in an initial developing phase. I've made about 10 pieces featuring motifs of flowers, birds and non-defined abstract shapes, but I am tremendously happy about people's reaction to them so I am inspired to further work on these.
So all I can say is that new motifs are underway!
You can follow Peekaboo on instagram and buy her necklaces here
Mumory - Valorizing Moms' Body Shapes



I came across this fashion label quite unexpectedly and it gripped my attention immediately. It is a newly established fashion label that emerged as a result of a warm, heartfelt need to aid women whose pregnancies have left a visible mark on their bodies. There are currently 3 women inolved in the project: Raffaella - a designer, Giovanna - responsible for the e-commerce and Marika who designs and tailors clothes. More about the project here.



This is their introduction and summary of Mumory:

Mumory is a clothing line born from the experience of being a woman and a mother. Some pregnancies leave a more visible "memory" on a mother's body: diastasic recti or divarication. Mumory was born from the need to give women with a post pregnancy tummy, the opportunity to choose and wear clothes specifically designed to help embrace the new body and feel harmonious without hiding the tummy, but instead valorize the new body shape. A hand made clothing line with sartorial details that will suit many occasions. The design and concept of Mumory's clothes are the missing piece between pret-a-porter clothing lines.

Dots, dots, dots.....


The new hot print for this summer is the polka dots!

Polka dots as the epitome of timeless femininity has left a strong imprint on the fashion world.

Personally, the little mesmerizing dots magically remind me of the times past, especially the charming '50s and the classy style every single piece of clothing breathed with.

They are appealing whether speckled on a blouse, skirt or a dress. Bound to offer an immense sense of satisfaction and chicness and make one's style more gracious and ladylike.







All images taken from Pinterest via the polka dots search.