Blog posts of '2019' 'December'

Home Decorating Ideas for a Warm Christmas


Christmas is all about celebrating love and life.  

It is about having your family close to you and enjoy time together, creating new memories and reminiscing old ones.

The setting you want to create to enhance these moments of joy, love and tranquil bonding depends on your aesthetics, style and trends in decorating that appeal to you.  

I have settled for a warm palette of pastels, dust pink, beige, white and gold being dominant - adding a soft but immensely powerful festive feel. 



For a cozy setting you need lots of fluffy pillows and chunky knit blankets on your sofa, a coffee table filled with lots of homemade cookies and mugs filled with rich marshmallowed hot chocolate, a shiny Christmas tree with presents for your dearests, stockings hung onto your mantelpiece and candles or Christmas lights all around the room to enhance the festive scene and make it merrier and warmer. 


{The credits to all images I used in this post can be found here}

Unique & Unusual: Dressmaker's Dummy Into a Christmas Tree



I am always impressed with wonderful ideas creative and talented people share. Every Christmas, our all-time favourite cafe impressively dresses their Christmas tree and it wouldn't be anything unusual if the tree wasn't a dressmaker's dummy. 

Quite taken by it, I explored the internet to see if / what others have done and I am bedazzled with  my search.

{All images were taken from pinterest using the Dressmaker's Dummy Christmas Tree}.