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Make a Bohemian Home on a Budget



If you want to turn your home a cozy bohemian haven infused with life and color, you don't need to break the budget. You need a lot of creativity and a good run for your fantasy and imagination. The bohemian aesthetic embraces the relaxed, carefree and adventurous spirit which you can introduce by adding simple touches to your home. 

When it comes to colors there are no rules. Work with colors and patterns that would be interesting accents and details, ones that would bring freshness and interest in the room. Think of rugs with oriental feel, wicker baskets and raggedy faux fur covers and woven throws.


Decorative pillows give a nice boho feel and warmth to a room. 


Find a vintage dresser and give it a facelift.  

 Love your walls. Give them baskets, floral wreaths and eye-catching hangings.



Find good plain pottery and doodle and draw to your heart's content to give your kitchen a unique touch. 

 Add lots of house plants and flowers to top everything off. 

The difference you will make with these simple touches would be amazing!



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