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Self-Care During Social-Distancing


What once was a busy day for you, filled with work meetings, brunches, drinks and dinners with friends and family, turned out to be a very dim and dull, quiet time at home due to the corona virus hurling itself upon the world. Well, it doesn't have to be that way. 

As social distancing became required and prescribed these days what we can do being stuck at home is dedicate more time to ourselves to nourish and improve both our body and soul, our physical and mental health. Think of social distancing as a wonderful opportunity to explore new skills and better existing ones.  

To preserve and maintain the sense of normalcy, organize and plan out your day so you stay focused and active. 

* Try a new healthy meal. 

Pinterest is swamped with numerous tempting ideas.

Credit: A life Adjacent

* Pamper your body.

Make yourself a luxurious bath and savour that time relaxing. Whip up  home-made body butter or a deodorant.


* Exercise

Not being able to visit the gym doesn't mean you have to drop the exercise routine. You can find free online fitness/yoga classes to maintain your physical condition. 


*Read books.

Those you've bought, but still didn't find time to read.

Also, there are online libraries that have offered e-books for free during the corona virus quarantine. Project Gutenberg for example has a ton of books for free. There are also sites like the OnlineBook Club that offers books for free download and even pays you for the reviews.

*Watch a film.

Catch up on new releases or your favourite shows and series.


Credit:Al Parker


* Go on a free virtual museum tour.

Many museums have joined in offering their tours for free in this grim time. 

* Call your family and friends. 

Staying in touch will help you feel more connected, social, healthier and engaged. It releases you from stress and anxiety, wards off depression and strengthens ties and relationships.  

* Learn a new skill. 

It might be a craft skill or professional skills training. 

*Spring-clean & de-clutter your home.

Home clutter can harbor pollutants, lead to infections and result in unhygienic spaces. So roll-up your sleeves and free your home. Besides getting rid of ellergens, de-cluttering also reduces stress and anxiety, improves your sleep and boosts creativity. And it is much easier to clean and tidy up, once the place is cleared. 


Most important - stay positive and stay safe!