AMUR for Conscious Fashion



AMUR is a clothing collection created in New York City that was born from the concept that great style does not have to come at the expense of our environment—and that design can strike a balance between beauty and good intentions. It’s an approach that’s woven into their very name: AMUR -  A Mindful Use of Resources.

Sofia Shannon,the creative director behind AMUR, believes that nature is the ultimate luxury and she uses that as a starting point to  weave together creativity and the environment.

The approach that is the heart of AMUR's design process focuses solely on fabric: "All materials are sourced with an eye toward environmental good, whether organic and natural fabrics, reclaimed fibers that conserve material resources or trims made by artisan collectives in the developing world. While it’s an evolving process, one we’re continually striving to improve, each piece in the collection embodies a singular philosophy: that mindful living will always be in style".


With their swooning designs  they match sustainably sourced materials with their idea for the outfit of a modern and conscientious woman in terms of green fashion: their designs are bold and daring with a touch of high femininity and romanticism. Think of a damsel in distress that is a warrior princess in disguise.





Linen Dresses for the Rest of the Summer


 Via Nicole Sometimes


For the remaining days of summer linen dresses come as a natural choice. In fact, linen is considered the best fabric to be worn during the summer due to its fantastic characteristics. Linen is highly absorbent and a good conductor of heat, meaning it provides coolness and greater airflow, although at first sight it seems stiff and uncomfortable. On the contrary. Linen allows the body to breathe and makes it free of moisture.


Via One Brass Fox


Linen fabric quickly removes perspiration from the skin. It absorbs body moisture but it won't feel clammy because perspiration evaporates off linen quickly so the linen piece acts like an excellent cooling system.

Apart from coolness and high absorbency, linen is an excellent heat conductor as it allows the body heat quick escape thus improving cooling. As a matter of fact, it is claimed that  heat conductivity of linen is five times higher than wool and eighteen times higher than silk, so go and fetch your linen outfit.

Via Julia Engel

Effortless Summer: Plaid Dress-up

For an effortless summer styling we chose these lovely plaid pants and bra and matched them with black and grey metal and leather earrings and completed the look with a unique leather cuff featuring a decorative metal element.

Plaid Pants and Bra


Black Leather & Metal Earrings


Leather Cuff Bracelet


3 Ways to Style Denim Shorts


 Maya Kuzman

One of the most preferred casual outfit for the summer, which without doubt every girl has in her wardrobe, is denim  shorts. Cut-off denim shorts have been quite popular this summer and fashionistas around the world have set the styling looks for these.

 What seems to be the most popular way to style denim shorts is to pair them with a white blouse, top or a shirt.


Le Fashion                                                                               Ameblo


The second look combines them with a striped top or shirt, stripes being in trend this summer.

                 Fashion Gum Sincerely Jules, Style Advisor


And the third look matches denim shorts with a blazer, a long vest or a shirt.

                                                                           Steal the look


Accessorize these with a straw hat and long shoulder bag and you have a win-win combination.

Beach Photography Props


The beach can be the most refresing haven to escape scorching hot days.  And to make those visits to the beach more memorable and pleasing to the eyes, capturing them into a styled photograph is a very popular thing especially if you are into sharing these moments on social media.

Albeit the sole landscape and nature / wild life is a sufficient "prop" one might need, these have proved to be the most wanted beach props for 2017.

Whimisical Floats

From feathered birds, four legged creatures, to donuts and pizas, the pool float making industry has shown its best when it comes to imagination and creativity.



Via Pinterest

Round Towels

Most popular towels are made having in mind the current trend this year which is big colorful tropical or bohemian prints and you can also find whimsical ones.




 Via Brittanickel


Via Tikawol


Beach Bags

The emphasis was on straw bags this summer although jute and cotton ones are also desirable.

Via Oddysey Online &


Parasols and Sunhats


Via Hannah Beury


 Via Free People

Add your own on the list!

Sustainable Fashion: Where Mountains Meet




Sustainable fashion, also called eco fashion or slow fashion, is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility.

Where Mountains Meet is a New York-based womenswear collection that champions the responsible sourcing of materials and local production in New York’s historic garment district.  With a passion for artisanal craftsmanship and a commitment to the industry’s best practices, they uphold quality craftsmanship and bring conscious and conscientious design to life. 

Designers Genevieve Saylak and Corissa Santos stand united by the idea of sustainable fashion develop  their collections using eclectic, bespoke textiles, modern silhouettes and sophisticated detailing.  They collaborate with craftsmen and women from India, Guatemala and Bolivia, the designers strive to support the livelihood and promote the traditions of these culturally rich, skilled communities.  By utilizing these handmade fabrics, knitwear and trims in their collections Saylak and Santos tell dynamic stories each season. Fusing artisan craftsmanship and modern sportswear sets a new standard of luxury. 



 Where Mountains Meet

DIY Sequin Clay Holders


We had a nice start with Katrin's pottery on Monday, so we continue with an interesting clay project.
We made some mini sequined clay (not exclusively ring) holders.
To make these you need (white) modeling clay, sequins in various colors and shapes for diversity, Elmer's glue, tempera, varnish / transparent nail polish.
Work the clay and shape into a dish - as for the size - we aimed at a mini size. Each of these - except the orange one which is a tad bigger - fits my the palm of my hand. We also aimed at a bit of "rustic" look so they are not at all perfect in shape. 
1. Leave the clay to dry. Once dry, cover the surface with Elmer's glue and add the sequins.
2. With tempera paints, paint the back and make a line at the edge on the face / surface.
3. When the tempera dries polish them on both sides. We used transparent nail polish.
They are cute and can serve as candle holders, or simply be a shiny decoration for a corner of your dresser or nightstand.

Katrin Moye - Childhood Memories Imprinted onto Clay



What magically drew me almost instantly to Katrin Moye's wondrous ceramics is her unique decorating techniques echoing memories of times past. She uses clay as her canvas onto which she portrays her recollections of her childhood memories growing up in England and Germany in the 1970s, embodying too the Scandinavian decorative style influenced by her Danish godmother.

Katrin's ceramics are hand made out of  white earthenware clay, with decorations hand applied with coloured slips and underglazes, using a variety of decorating techniques including paper cut resists, trailing, sponging and painting.

The subject matter includes folk art, textiles, book illustrations and handmade crafts along with herb jars, coffee pots and cushions which all take their place in the iconography of her patterns and drawings.

If you are obsessed with vintage patterns as much as I am, you'll enjoy this astonishing clay collection.




Follow Katrin on Facebook  and Instagram.

16 Inspiring Backdrops Ideas


Whether you have a party, a wedding or a celebration of any kind, having a backdrop, preferably an eye catching one gives the event a new dimension and effect. When it comes to photography - it is the focal point of the event.

Backdrops. They can be simple curtains or wallpaper hung down, or whole walls elaborately decorated in real or paper flowers, ribbons, garlands and buntings, balloons and lace and the list goes on and on.


What we love most about backdrops, is that you can make one from scratch. Armed with a wild imagination and lots of supplies and props, you can create one according to your personal design. Take a peek into the ones we selected. Enjoy these beauties!

Rustic Backdrops
 by Rustic Wedding Chic,
Deer Pearl Flowers and Wedding Wonderland



Paper Flowers, Garlands and Buntings Backdrops
 BHLDN Weddings
BHLDN Weddings
The post was originally written for The Little Treasures Blog.
Bohemian Dreams Collection by Maya Kuzman




Good morning and Happy Monday!

I am so happy to present to you my newest jewelry and accessories collection I titled "Bohemian Dreams".

As the name implies, it carries a strong note of the adventurous, carefree spirit, showing an eclectic mix of different materials, colors and textures that capture the nomadic aesthetic and present an authentic tribal flair.




While making it I evoked memories from our past travels to maze-like medinas,  intricate mysterious souks, invigorating colorful fabrics and rugs, enchantingly astonishing and exotic patterns of jewelry and costumes.  

More of the collection here.

A small part of it (cuffs and earrings), will be added in the course of next week.

Summer Trend 2017: Tropical Motifs


Via Dolce & Gabbana



The tropics with their balmy weather, lush vegetation and explosion of colors have been influencing the modern design world for quite some time now. The colorful and eye-catching tropical motifs include palm leaves and exotic flowers, flamingoes and toucans, pineapples and watermelons, just to name a few.

From modern furniture to accessories they add a sublime and highly attractive feel and tend to bring fresh tropical air to our concrete jungles. At least for while.

What's your favourite tropical motif?



Via Primark & Shopstyle

Via Uterque & Zara


DIY Lace Boho Cuff



This is a sweet weekend project for a lace boho cuff I've prepared that can be finished in no time - I just love these kinds of projects where you can whip something in a matter of minutes and head out of the door wearing it.

So what you need is:
1. A wide piece of lace (length: to fit your wrist)
2. Decorative coins and beads
3. 2 clasps
4. A metal chain and jump rings
5. Sewing needle and thread (sewing machine)

Cut a piece of lace that would be as long to go around your wrist but not cover it completely. Mind to add a little seam allowance because we are going to sew the edges.  For this project I repurposed lace from one of the blouses I had lying around, so an oldie can be a goldie.
Fold the ends, pin and sew to secure. Lace can fray like crazy sometimes. I used my sewing machine for this because the lace has a lot of hollows and it was easier than doing it by hand.
After sewing the edges, add the clasps. I noticed afterwards that they mine are not properly lined up. Mind that please.
Add jump rings on the respective sides and attach the chain.
My lace with its circle-designed edges is just perfect to add coins between them.
And because I went with the black and metallic (silver) look, I chose round metal beads to add to the middle of the lace and fill those spaces up.

And it is done! I am very satisfied how it turned out and even more at how it looks when styled.
I hope this insipres you to make one for yourself.
Irena Ivovich: Mommy's Imaginary Friends



If you believed that only little kiddies have imaginary friends, well... you couldn't be more wrong. Because mommies can have them too and this mommy in particular has a stunning collection of them!

Let me introduce Irena Ivovich - the mommy behind Mommy's Imaginary Friends.

1. Who is the Mommy behind Mommy's Imaginary Friends (MIF)?
Who's the Mommy? The Mommy in this story is Yanya and Dzuradz' mom and her name is Irena. ;)

She's a grown woman that plays with dollies, an architect, a housewife, a teacher in school, a mother and a wife, an evil feminist and many other things.
Although insisting on being a mom can sometimes be boring, there's that essential change in a woman that follows her when she becomes a mother. Along with the changes that followed in my case, as well as other life circumstances made me question my professional goals; becoming a mom reminded me that when you slow down with everything you do, the creative process can become a game. And in the end, it is a game.

I am still into the interior design business (in the past I worked for a furniture production company that was a supplier for a big chain of stores), but under my conditions. The job in the school is the one that makes me go outside and maintain the continuity of going to work, which is also important to me. I go everywhere on my bike. It is stored away only when its icy outside. I've organized my obligations in such a way that I am able to spend maximum time near my children, but I also try very hard to involve them in  as many of my activities as I can. They are my closest expert associates when it comes to designing MIF characters. I am in a life phase when I feel the happiness is tangible and possible to achieve and that it is possible to have so much in this life only if one is aware of everything beautiful happening around.

2. How did you start making fabric toys and what was the first one you made?
I started making fabric toys at a time I wasn't able to realize some ideas of a small production of wooden toys. I always conceptualize as a designer first and as an architect I started from furniture, but since that idea got stuck in time, I started to sew toys little by little, first as gifts for the neighbouring kids and small relatives, but when people saw my photos of them on social media and started asking about prices, then I started selling them.

At the beginning everything was poorly done, mostly because I didn't know at all how to use a sewing machine. (I find tailoring more logical, probably due to all the descriptive geometry knowledge I acquired.). I learned how to use it and worked to a commendable routine one step at a time.

I just recently remembered that I had sewn my first toy at the age of 14 to give as a gift to a boyfriend of mine at that time. It was a turtle and I believe it was sewn very poorly. Seventeen years later, I sewed a kitty for my Yanya, completely by hand and with the whiskers sewn backwards. :)

3. What kind of fabric do you use for your toys?

I use different fabrics . I try to find ones of great quality, natural and interesting. I buy in small quantities - usually a piece of fabric and I do recycle a lot. I also buy leftovers from tailoring shops and they can be a real treasure. Some of the motifs are recurring, such as red fabric with white polka dots. I cannot live without them. :)

4. What is the easiest / fastest toy to make?

 The easiest toy? Definitely the mouse. But when it becomes  easy it somehow loses its magic and that's why I always love to change something, try out new designs.

5. Can you tell us a bit about the toy creating process? How long does it take from a sketch to the final product?
The creative process, as I was taught in school, is all about sketches. A huge pile of sketches which I replace by ruining at least 10 sample pieces, which I distribute to the neighbouring kids to play with, then there is a lot of Maths and it keeps going.
I worked on my first doll for about a year - I have been experimenting with it for the past 6 years. The penguin was a lot of pain, but now I think I have the perfect cut and I am quite satisfied with it and with the other birds. I literally play with the chicks and parrots 'designs and for them I don't have a cut, just a sketch which I literally draw onto the fabric. Currently, I am playing with sea creatures. I try not to fall into a routine.
6. How many different toys do you have in your offer?
In my offer there are lizards and monsters made for babies, which I must say inspire me the most, then there are dolls, cats, bears, fish, whales, mice and there's always something new.  I try my best not to repeat myself and I do not show the least interest in serial production.
Well, stepping into this mom's world felt wondrously - I hope you enjoyed it too.
Find more about MIF in her online shop and Facebook page.
Editor's Pick: Sexy MF by Magda Station

Magda Station has a brand new collection that is fresh, bold, daring and just the dash of retro we need to spice up the summer!



This is my brand new collection which I dubbed “Sexy MF”. The music from the legendary singer Prince served as an inspiration for this collection. I wanted to make original pieces of clothing inspired by the 80s and 90s.

I had to really step out of my comfort zone in order to design it. The fabric that I used is plead which I decorated with handmade beads and lace. I wanted to make something different, unique and sexy, for brave girls/women who know what they want and have a unique style.

I must admit that the details of lace were a total risk, because I didn’t know how they will fit in the whole look, but exactly those details were the highlight of my collection. 



Check out her shop for the new collection!