"Bonjour Madame" Collection





Aleksandra Ivanova who creates behind the brand Sofija Filigranska has a new collection of amazing wooden necklaces.

We talked to her about the inspiration and the idea, as well as the drive to create illustrated stories:

"I make my jewelry with a great passion and love, driven by personal excitement and joy inspired feelings while I watch every single piece come to life and each necklace is dedicated to transfer all those emotions to the woman that will carry it. For this collection I played with spots in the background and minimalistically drawn flowers, fruits or cookies in the foreplan with their full growth and juiciness, or you can see a scene of the favourite ritual of tea drinking and cookie eating... The black spots on a white surface gives a possibility for combining colorful details that will be emphasized and completely harmonious when matched together. Such match-making resembled a French lady wearing a spotted dress with a colorful brooch, thus I named the collection "Bonjour Madame".

Check her shop for more illustrated stories transferred on necklaces.



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