Capsule Wardrobe - Downsizing the Wardrobe or Building One's Style


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Maybe you've just heard about it or maybe you have already transformed your wardrobe.

What has not lost its momentum after a couple of years in the trend is the capsule wardrobe. What does capsule wardrobe mean? It means carefully curated and cultivated wardrobe where pieces work harmoniously with each other so you no longer need to fall into a consumeristic fit and buy the next random piece of clothing.

To me it sounds more of building one's own style. 

The concept of the capsule wardrobe focuses on selecting a certain number of pieces (the number 37 seems to be popular with capsule wardrobe enthusiasts) that are in your preferred style, colors, prints and textures, accompanied with the right accessories and shoes.

The formula goes like this:



Choose the basics in the colors that you love wearing and that would fit greatly with the other items you select.

To add interest you need items that would be textured or printed and pair perfectly with the chosen basics.

Lastly, choose the footwear and accessories that match your capsule wardrobe.

Below are a couple of color palettes and boards showing mixed & matched items to give you a spark of the idea how to capsule your wardrobe.