Coats & Jackets Refashioning Ideas



In the past several decades, fast consumerism has had a devouring and devastating effect in fashion, overflowing landfills to the brim. Being a sworn refashionist with a green mind and a huge penchant for vintage, I always love to step back and give new life to any clothes worth saving and prologn their wearable age. 

I am proud to say I have a closet filled with vintage clothes from both my grandmas and mom, which with a little twist and a pinch of a creative genius have turned into heirloom pieces. So, today I am sharing several ideas how you can turn old coats and jackets into unique art pieces. The following show the work of many talented people that used fabric, lace and embroidery floss to applique and embroider old coats and jackets into wondrous creations. All due credits are given in my pinterest board here. Check it out for even more seducing and enchanting ideas.