Create a Scandinavian Christmas

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We continue our Christmas decorating series with the inevitable, eye-catching Scandinavian Christmas that has risen in popularity in the last years.

It has many common traits with the traditional and rustic decorating mainly due to Scandinavians preserving ages long traditions where the emphasis is on the homemade. A Scandinavian Christmas if filled with color, mainly red and white with traditional patterns.


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Adding natural elements brings a special warmth and charm - here the emphasis is on the wooden and straw decorations or other décor. Some of the most popular decorations of course are the Dala horse and the Yule goat along with Tomte - their counterpart of Santa.


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Light wood combined with different textured and patterned fabric, a generous  amount of felt and a dash of jute and gingham ribbon is all you need to make some adorable decorations. Hope these images will boil  up your creative juices!



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