Decorating for Christmas - The Traditionalist



December is inevitably associated with Christmas. What better way  to celebrate the end of the year with and mark the new beginning than Christmas. The sole word has magic in it and just by saying it one gets hilariously giddy and joyful. Especially if you are into decorating and love to get your place in shape for the holidays.

This month we've decided to go big on Christmas, focusing on decorating, gift making and gift wrapping so there will be plenty of posts to give you a tickle and get you inspired.

Understandably the roots lie in the traditions that kept themselves from the tooth of time so this first post is going to tackle decorating for Christmas as a traditionalist.



Traditional Christmas decorating focuses on simple, yet effective décor where red and green with accents of gold prevail along with lots of stylish plaid ribbons and fairy lights to create a  warm, calm and cozy atmosphere.

The Christmas tree - the everlasting bringer of joy to both young and old - is the focal point of the living room adorned with lots of decorations, baubles, ribbons and lights. Vintage baubles ,the ones inherited from your grandma will certainly make the tree more charming and give it a character.



Other décor to add to soften the living room and make it cozier are throw pillows and fluffy blankets, socks hung on the fireplace.

Hot chocolate, mint sticks and gingerbread cookies are a must and not only to give your sweet tooth a piece of heaven, but you can use them to style your coffee table.

Other simple accents to scatter around the house for a more festive look which by the way you can make yourself:

A candle into a jar with a ribbon and jute wrapped around it.


Or put that jar /glass into a tray and decorate with baubles and greenery for an eye-catching table centerpiece.


Or simply put baubles and lights into a glass vase and the sparkles will make the evening even more magical.

All images taken from Pinterest except the logoed ones.