DIY Sequin Clay Holders


We had a nice start with Katrin's pottery on Monday, so we continue with an interesting clay project.
We made some mini sequined clay (not exclusively ring) holders.
To make these you need (white) modeling clay, sequins in various colors and shapes for diversity, Elmer's glue, tempera, varnish / transparent nail polish.
Work the clay and shape into a dish - as for the size - we aimed at a mini size. Each of these - except the orange one which is a tad bigger - fits my the palm of my hand. We also aimed at a bit of "rustic" look so they are not at all perfect in shape. 
1. Leave the clay to dry. Once dry, cover the surface with Elmer's glue and add the sequins.
2. With tempera paints, paint the back and make a line at the edge on the face / surface.
3. When the tempera dries polish them on both sides. We used transparent nail polish.
They are cute and can serve as candle holders, or simply be a shiny decoration for a corner of your dresser or nightstand.

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