Dreamer Princesses


Sofija Filigranska has a new project seeing the light of day and it cannot be cuter! It's called Dreamer Princesses.


TLT: Can you tell us about the idea behind the project?

SF:I love illustration. I have kept to MDF with painted board surface as a material cut into various shapes for so long because it is an incredible foundation for my illustrations, while the same MDF board jewelry radiates a direct communication and exchange. I have imagined the characters of the princesses for a long time… unspeakably long time. The idea may have had its origin at the time I created the collection called “Our People”. I wanted them to be real persons, each a tale of her own so that I could narrate those tales more directly. And maybe this is that original idea.



TLT: Who are the princesses?

The characters represent girls with which I have made a personal contact, socialized with them and they exist in real time. But during this process, other dimensions opened up. Some characters showed other traits which led to the idea of making princes so I have gradually come up with several stories about the interactions between them and I cannot possibly tell or know where all this would end. They are all going to be included into my new project – Coloring Jewelry Book, where people can color the jewelry they buy with their desired colors.



TLT: What materials do you use in creating this unique wooden necklace pendants.

SF: The princesses are drawn onto a MDF board, after which they are cut out by hand. I paint the princesses with different thickness of markers, colorful inks, watercolors and they are varnished with acrylic matte polish.


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