Frida's Flowers Scarf #2

This exceptional and extraordinary statement scarf will give you a taste of Frida Kahlo with its bold color choice and use of adornment. 195 cm (2yd.132ft) in length 17cm (6.7") in width
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This is an exceptional and extraordinary scarf inspired by Frida Kahlo and her imprint on the world.  The scarf carries with itself a flair of strenght and represents a powerful statement.

It is made out of mixed cotton fabric with elastic corduroy centerpiece and that center part is embelished with pom-poms, vintage lace insets, crocheted flowers, a decorative ribbons at the edges.


It is 195 cm (1yd.2.24ft) long and 17 cm (6.7") wide. It will come with a pin, to enable you versatile styling and wrapping.