Katrin Moye - Childhood Memories Imprinted onto Clay



What magically drew me almost instantly to Katrin Moye's wondrous ceramics is her unique decorating techniques echoing memories of times past. She uses clay as her canvas onto which she portrays her recollections of her childhood memories growing up in England and Germany in the 1970s, embodying too the Scandinavian decorative style influenced by her Danish godmother.

Katrin's ceramics are hand made out of  white earthenware clay, with decorations hand applied with coloured slips and underglazes, using a variety of decorating techniques including paper cut resists, trailing, sponging and painting.

The subject matter includes folk art, textiles, book illustrations and handmade crafts along with herb jars, coffee pots and cushions which all take their place in the iconography of her patterns and drawings.

If you are obsessed with vintage patterns as much as I am, you'll enjoy this astonishing clay collection.




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