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A Romantic Flower Brooch - Victoriana Collection

Celebrate the freshness of spring with this beautiful romantic brooch! Measurement: Lengthwise (at the longest point) 19 cm / 7.5" Width (at the widest point) 8 cm / 3.1 "

Crochet Brooch: Lillian

This is Lillian. Lillian is a hopeless romantic. Buried deep into books, she dreams of a better world, a world in which everyone will help and be kind to one another. She hopes to become a writer one day.

Crochet Brooch: Olivia

Meet Olivia! She is a dreamer and an adventurer. She loves to explore the world and go on wild, exciting travels and adventures. Riding a camel in the African desert, turning the chimes in Bali or rafting on the Amazon, she has her journal and pen close by, carefully writing down her experiences.

Crochet Brooch: Scarlett

This is Scarlett. She has a high sense of fashion. Always spruced up from head to toes, charmingly flaunting the latest fashion, one would often find her in front of the mirror trying on new pieces or at her desk, drawing and designing clothes and accessories. She is going to be a fashion designer.

Crochet Brooch: Sophie

Sophie is a nature person. A bit of a tomboy really, but very kind and sweet. She loves being in the country and going on long walks through the flower strewn fields. She adores animals and wants to become a vet.

Crochet Bohemian Brooch

This winter brooch will color the bleak winter with its bohemian glitter. It is made of different acrylic yarns, very soft to the touch. It measures 13cm center down (from the magenta flower to the bottom circle - not including the vines) and 10 cm across (at the widest point).

Peach and White Rose Brooch

A beautiful, spring brooch! The roses are made of tulle, organza and cotton. Adorned with pearl beads and plastic beads. The whole set lies onto a white crocheted flower. Measurement: Lengthwise 14 cm / 5.5" Width (at the widest point) 8 cm / 3.1 "

Statement Flower Brooch

The brooch is made with lovely, thick mercerized cotton yarn with a wonderful shine. The flowers spreads out in several layers to get interesting structure and texture. The center is decorated with pearl beads. Being a statement brooch - it is 14,5 cm in diameter (across). It comes with a removable brooch pin at the back.