Spring -up Your Closet



Have you purged your closet yet? 

With the temps rising up, this is the time to take all the spring clothes out and do a little capsule downsizing. 

To be honest, I am not a fervent fashionista, but I do want to know what is trendy in fashion and if I like something particular that truly fits my style and I would be able to combine it with many pieces and actually use it for several years, then I include it into my capsule. 

As a crochet designer, my first pick would be the crocheted tops and sweaters. One can never go wrong with these - they are perfect with plain skirts, trousers and jeans. 


 Place Nationale


Trends are tilting towards a slightly boyish styles, shouting shorts at the top of the lungs, and not any kind of shorts mind you - they are called sensible shorts. Knee length and formal looking. If you are a shorts person, do let them into your wardrobe. 

Then there are the rushes and the ruffles accompanied with bows, and personally, I am quite attached to ruffles because I love the feminine touch and flow they give to fabric. So a ruffled dress or a shirt would be the right thing. 



As far as colors are concerned, beside coral as the Pantone's color of the year, beige and other earthen colors are going to mark this spring. Think of trousers and skirts in these colors that will transition well into summer.   





What's the most important thing you should always keep in mind while re-arranging, de-stashing and purging your closet? A cohesive and practical wardrobe that reflects your personal, unique style.  

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4/1/2019 5:52 PM
Love the beige crocheted top and pinned it. Visiting you at #PPP254 where I shared “Interview with Lori La Bey Healing (159)” and “Tips to Combine Journal Prompts and Quotes to Heal (#39).” Please visit and pin my posts. Have a great week.
5/31/2022 5:45 AM
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