Sweet Board Idea for St.Valentine's Day



Our daughter Eva was born on St.Valentine's Day and in my country on that day we also celebrate St. Tryphon, the patron saint of wine. So love and wine celebrated in one and the same day! Can you imagine anything better?

Understandably, we do make a big deal out of the day and although Eva is turning 19, I still like to make small surprises for her to mark her birthday.

This year I decided on an early birthday sweet board. That is SWEET in the literal sense of the word. 


I bought sweets and candies, with bars and marshmallows, toffees and gummy bears, the whole lot that  I thought would work / match well together, but I didn't want to have all pinks or reds. I wanted the board a little bit on the motley side, mostly to make it more joyful and also to shy away the darkness of the chocolates, ot at least subdue their impact on the appearance of the board.  




I've also made heart, oval and shell shaped chocolate drops sprinkled with crushed mint sticks, which are our personal favourites.

I use plastic trays that come inside a chocolate box - only those that are a bit harder and stronger. I melt chocolate and then just pour it out into these "molds". These will be tasted on the actual day :)


Wishing you a wonderful St.Valentine's Day!

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2/13/2020 11:51 AM
This really is a sweet idea, Happy Birthday to your daughter!